Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pamper time at Luxe Aura Nail and Face Studio

Ever since I started working as a nurse, stress has been a part of my everyday life. Giving care to loads of patients is very rewarding, but can also be really exhausting most specially if you are working in a public hospital. Having a shifting schedule can be hectic too that's why sometimes I can't squeeze in a day to go out and have a "ME time" as what they say. So having been invited by a friend to spend a day full of pampering is definitely what I needed to hear! Even if I came from an 11pm til 7am schedule that day and I have no decent sleep, I still said yes. :)

The place responsible for my very relaxing afternoon is the Luxe Aura Nail and Face Studio located along Dona Soledad Ave. in Paranaque. The interior of this nail salon looks simple. It gave me an elegant and classy feel. The owners, Dr. Angel and Eric Bandola came up with this design so as not to scare the males (who would like to pamper themselves too) with furniture and ambiance that looks "too girly and kikay".

I noticed that their staff was too polite and all smiles. They made us feel really welcome. Ms. Dolly was assigned to me and she is too kind to answer all my querries. I like her. :)

I was offered to try the Espresso Foot Spa. Oohhh I smell coffee! :) 

Because the owners were doctors, they were very particular about sanitation. The nail files and other things used for manis and pedis were sterilized. Being a nurse, that's a plus for me and more reason to come back here. :)

The Espresso Foot Spa is a 7-step process which includes the Callous, Scrub, Mask (for 15 minutes), Cleanser, Oil, Butter, and Mist. 

Ahhh I loveeee it! I felt so relaxed and finally my feet feels fresh and free from callous! Hehe They also offered us coffee/tea. I lack sleep so I chose coffee.

I love how they have colorful sets of nail colors to choose from, plus different brands too. :) Some of these were Zoya, OPI, Morgan Taylor and Magnetto.

Since I'm a nurse and we're not allowed to have nail polish on our nails, I decided to be a little pasaway and tried OPI's liquid sand in light pink. I love it! My nails felt like they have sugar on them. Haha

I chose a beautiful blue color for my feet but because I have ugly feet, no pictures to share. Haha :) They also let me try their Muscular Foot Paraffin. I was not prepared because it's too painful but very rewarding by how your feet feels so relaxed after! No pain, no gain as they say. :) 

My tired hands and feet from everyday work finally had their chance to be pampered. They also have other services in reasonable prices so you might want to check their page on Facebook. :)

                Dona Soledad Avenue Better Living, 1711 Paranaque
                Open from 10:00 am until 10:00pm


  1. Pricey or carry lang? Me likey and gusto ko matry. :)

    1. Hi Andrea. Their prices are very reasonable. Its in their Facebook page