Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hanamaruken Ramen

Recently, I've been waking up to the cold weather here in Manila that almost feels like December. I felt like I'm in Tagaytay and I actually like it. :) This kind of weather made me crave for foods that are hot.. like soup.. and noodles.. and.. RAMEN! I've noticed that a lot of ramen houses were sprouting everywhere. Recently, a new ramen house opened in Trinoma where Ramen X is used to be located (which is now relocated in Eton Centris), HANAMARUKEN RAMEN

Hanamaruken originated from Osaka which is one of its favorite places for comfort food. It has over 40 branches in Osaka but thankfully we won't have to go there to try out their ramen as we already have it here.

Whenever I step inside a restaurant, the first thing I notice is their interiors. With Hanamaruken, it is mostly wood and iron. I love their minimalist take on it. Maculine with a touch of feminine artistry. :)

Kitchen utensils hanging that seems like they are suspended in the air.

Now time to try their ramen.

Signature Happiness Ramen, P480
A Shoyu Tonkotsu ramen topped with a large section of a tender, slow-braised pork rib that is their best-seller. No wonder, I love how tasty and soft their noodles is. The pork rib is so tender and flavorful that you know it is cooked for a long time. You can ask for an additional soft-boiled egg too. :) 

Pot Belly Ramen, P380A Shoyu Tonkotsu ramen topped with medium-sized sections of roasted pork belly.

Curry Tan Tan Mien, P320
Tonkotsu Ramen with sesame paste and curry. Perfect for curry lovers with a spicy twist.

Chasyu Ramen, P280
Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen with slices of braised pork belly

Edamame (Soybean), P130
First time to try this. Salty and spicy.
Ahhh soo good! Although to be honest, their ramen seems to be a bit salty for me. But their noodles are well-cooked and the pork are soft and tender,  full of flavor with every bite. A bowl of ramen is actually good for sharing. It's also my first time to try Edameme so my friend and I searched on Youtube first on how to eat it. Haha Newbies! :)

As what Hanamaruken says, we deserve a bowl of happiness. :)


Location: 2F Garden Restaurants, Trinoma
Official Website:
Twitter: Hanamaruken_PH
Instagram: @Hanamaruken_ph

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