Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I YAB U! Yabu: House of Katsu

Recently, an online friend (because we haven't met personally...yet) from abroad came back for a short stay here in the Philippines and because I was so excited to finally meet her, we decided to meet for dinner at SM North. When I saw Jen, the first thing I told her was that she is prettier in person! We were at first kind of shy with each other but then being friendly that I am (and she is too), we felt at ease. :) And before we start with our catching up and some girl talk, she told me to choose what restaurant we'd try. I chose Banapple not because I haven't tried it yet but because I wanted her to try it. Unfortunately, the place was crowded and we were on the waiting list. So then we decided to try YABU. I've heard good reviews about them and would want to find out what the rave is all about.

Inside, the restaurant looks spacious and neat that might be perfect for business-related meetings or romantic dates. Very Japanese that it also has Manga posted on the walls. I like it :)

Our Yabu experience started out with a bowl of sesame seeds. One of the waiters approached us and explained to us how to grind the sesame seeds and add your choice of sauce right after. According to him, you have to grind the sesame seeds well to let out the flavor. It smells good too. Then you pour 2 or 3 scoops of their Tonkatsu sauce in it. Too bad I wasn't able to take a picture. 

Sesame seeds after grinding
Different Japanese condiments to choose from. Photo from Yabu's official Facebook page
Whenever I try a new restaurant, I always ask for their best sellers. For Yabu, I tried one of their best seller, the Rosu Pork Set. It comes with small bowl of fruit, pickles, chopped cabbage, Japanese rice and soup.

On the other hand, Jen tried their Chicken and Seafood Katsu Set. Yum!

The katsu tastes really good and is soft too. I love that it is cut into small slices. They also serve unlimited rice and cabbage. I think I ate too much cabbage that I felt too full to have a second round of rice. Hehe It's a good thing that they have very friendly and accommodating staff. We didn't even have to ask for water refills because as soon as our glass were empty one of them would be present to refill it with water. Same with the cabbage and rice too.
Jen and I, ready to indulge the food in front of us! Hehe
In general, we had a good dining experience. We were able to catch up with each other's lives while enjoying the delightful food in front of us. I'll be coming back soon to try the other katsu sets! I YAB U YABU! :)

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