Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some basic tips on How To Make Your Relationship Work

Two people enter in a relationship because they are in love. For most of us (yes, me included), romantic relationship is one of the most important ingredient in our lives. It makes us inspired and blissfully happy everyday. For some, it makes them feel complete. But most of the people does not have a healthy and loving relationship all the time. It is not something that is innate. We experience failed relationships now and then. A couple must make give effort in order for a relationship to work.

Just earlier, my former workmate En, tagged me on a post in Facebook about some basic tips that you must keep in mind for a relationship to work, whether your with a significant other now or entering a new one. So I decided to share them here on my blog.

Love yourself. The love your boyfriend or girlfriend gives you will never be a substitute for your own self-esteem. Love yourself, and others will find it easy to love you, too. Don’t undermine yourself or be overly critical. Being relaxed and fun will make both you and your partner the happiest you can be.

Trust your partner. A lack of trust will doom any and every relationship. Be on the lookout for controlling behavior, and learn to stop it before it starts. If something is bothering you, you need to be able to talk to your lover about it rather than let it eat away at you. Just don’t assume the worst every time you aren’t certain what is going on, and you’ll find that it probably was never the case anyway.

Think like a couple. If you and your significant other really want to spend the rest of your lives together, you need to be an effective team. Don’t be selfish, but also don’t make yourself miserable so that your lover will be happy. The two of you are in this together! Learn to think in ways that benefit you as a couple, rather than just one of you individually.

Listen always. Be open to what your partner says to you, even if it’s critical and even if you disagree initially. Try to gain flexibility and perspective in your life. There’s a difference between a knee-jerk response and a well-thought-out position, and your relationships will improve the more open you are!

Give them space. If your boyfriend or girlfriend likes to do something that you don’t enjoy, just spend that time away from them working on your own hobby. Smothering your partner with your presence will only drive them further away from you. Even though you’re in love, you can lead separate, adult lives.

Communicate! We’ve all heard this a million times from every piece of dating advice ever given, but the reason it’s still said so often is because it doesn’t always sink in. The crucial role that open communication plays in a relationship cannot possibly be overstated. Always be honest, even if the implications are painful. Your life will ultimately be happier because of it.

Be proactive. If your relationship has issues, the last thing you want to do is sit around and wait for somebody else to solve them. If you feel strongly that it is mostly your partner’s fault, then that is a problem in and of itself. If you want your partner to express affection to you, go and express affection to them first. The power is always in your hands to do something meaningful.

So there. I hope you find most of the tips helpful because for me it is. Thanks for reading! :)

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Peppery Asian Cuisine

Last Saturday, I was fortunate enough to be invited by Ms. Joy Felizardo of GASTRONOMY by Joy to the opening of THE PEPPERY. My first thought was that maybe it would somewhat be similar to Pepper Lunch because... uhhh.. no particular reason actually. It's just that they sound alike! Hehe
But actually, The Peppery Asian Cuisine is a one-stop Asian restaurant located along Panay Ave. in Quezon City.

Upon entering, the restaurant has a relaxing ambiance and gives you that oriental vibe because of its interiors.

They also have this mini bar just beside the entrance.

Out of curiosity, I asked one of the co-owners the reason behind why they decided to call it "The Peppery". Her answer was simple. She told me that it's because "pepper" as we all know, is a basic ingredient to all Asian cuisines.It is also used as heat-adding spice in many dishes. 

Let me show you some of the dishes that they cater.
Com Chien: Vietnamese garlic and egg rice. I'm contented having just this without any viand.   

Sarada Nippon: Japanese- inspired seafood and cucumber salad
Seafood balls and shrimp pancakes!

Yam Mamuang: Thai green mango salad with shrimps and red chili.
Kare- kareng Dagat: Philippine seafood and vegetable stew in peanut- anatto sauce
Sambal Ikan: whole deep-fried sambal tilapia, the Indonesian way.
Sarawaka: Malaysian Pork Spareribs
Pu Tong Hua Bian Chao Niu Rou: beef with mandarin oranges from China. Oh dear, that was a long name!
Daging Puteri Manis: Sweet Princess Beef from Malaysia
Chanh Va Toi Muc: Cambodian lemon and garlic squid 
 But wait, there's more! Let's not forget the desserts.
A plate full of fruits creatively arranged that it made my mouth water just by looking at it.
Coconut Jello
Halo- halo Turon with caramel syrup!

Oh myyyyyyyyyyy... Just by looking at all these pictures makes me hungry again. I guarantee, they all taste good! I swear that that night, my taste buds were dancing with glee from all the different flavourful flavors! Haha

As I have mentioned earlier, The Peppery is your one stop- Asian restaurant because they cater almost every Asian dish! You need not go far. From Filipino, Korean, Chinese, Cambodian, Indian,Vietnamese, Thai, Singaporean, Indonesian, Japanese, and Malaysian. It's like if you and your barkada decided to dine-out and you wanted to go Korean while your friend wanted Chinese and the other wanted Indian... this is just your perfect place to go and they offer a whole lot more! Another great thing about this restaurant is the reasonable price of their foods. Almost every entree is less than Php400. :)

The Peppery Asian Cuisine is located at Ground Floor, Victoria Towers, Timog Ave. corner Panay Ave., Quezon City.


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