Saturday, March 31, 2012

SPED Culminating Activity :)

On one fine day of March, while we were having our usual lunch at the school canteen, my workmate, Teacher Andy asked me if I could be the emcee for the Culminating and Awarding ceremony of the Special Education area. Uh-oh. Of course, my initial reaction was "Bakeeeeeeeet akoooooooo??". Teacher Andy's reason was a bit odd and kind of funny for me. She said she chose me because I do blogging. Seriously?! What's that got to do with being a program host? Ha ha. But I know, the real reason was that she has NO OTHER CHOICE. Hay nako Teacher Andy! Ha ha ha. 

At first, I hesitated. I'm not really good with speaking in front of a crowd, big or small, whether with script or none. Standing in front of a lot of people does not give me the slightest comfort. I always feel nervous.

I took time to think about it and soon I realized that this was an event which is very important for the students in Special Education area as well as to their parents. In this event, they will be receiving their medals and certificates after a whole year of patiently going to school in order to learn. And so, I agreed and was paired with Teacher Kevin, my co- shadow teacher. Unfortunately on that day, I have to wear a band-aid on my face. :( Talk about wrong-timing.

Teacher Kevin and me, with the band-aid on my face :( 

The whole ceremony was succesful. I felt happy watching the students perform dance numbers on stage. I felt proud for them when each of their names were called on stage to get their medals and certificates together with their parents. I felt excited when again, each of their names were called as the teacher announces that they have been promoted to a higher level for the next school year. Finally, most of them can now be mixed with students on the preparatory, nursery, elementary or high school level. I felt hopeful for each of these kids, because I know that on that day, they were one step forward to achieving their dreams. And I know, the proudest and happiest of them all were their own loving and very matiyagang parents. I salute them!
The students performing on stage :)
SPED team with the administrators.
Shadow teachers with Sir Ricky.
In addition, I also felt proud (do you notice how I say proud a lot on this post?) to the SPED teachers. Teacher Jen, Teacher Cocoy, Teacher Andy and Teacher Bryan who served not only as teachers/advisers of these students, but also as their second parent on their second home. As I watch them, I see pride and happiness overflowing on their faces. I witnessed how dedicated they are not only with their profession, as well as to these children with special needs. Aside from their own parents, these teachers were the proudest of these children on their special day.  :)

Congratulations to the Special Education students and teachers! :D

The Lovely Bones: Book Review

I first heard about The Lovely Bones when my Aunt asked me to look for a DVD of this movie for my two little cousins. Their age was 6 and 7. She told me they were frantically asking her to buy them a copy. I searched on a few DVD stores but the staff tells me they don't have a copy anymore. Finally, I was able to buy one somewhere in North Edsa. One of the staff told me that it's their last copy.  Woah, rare species ba ito?? And so, curiosity got me.

From then, I've been wanting to get a copy not of the movie, but the book The Lovely Bones. Being a book lover, I decided that I want to read it first. It even became part of my Christmas Wishlist. I didn't get it on Christmas though. Maybe Santa haven't heard of that book yet? Or maybe he run out of copy too. He he. I searched on different book stores and even on Booksale but I could not find a copy. I did once, but when I returned to purchase it, the vendor told me someone already bought it. Awwwwww :(

Still, I did not gave up. Sometime around February, the owner of Bookbed (where I have purchased a couple of books before) texted me that she FOUND A COPY!!! Yay! Finuhllyyyy! I was so happy and excited at that time. And it was HARDBOUND! But unfortunately, I'm kind of broke at that time. Like a genie in a bottle, my boyfriend told me that I just go ahead and order the book because he's paying for it, consider it as a gift from him. Double hurrayyy!! I feel woozy! :)

I immediately placed an order from Bookbed and they had them shipped to my place immediately.

After reading the novel, here's my brief book review:

The Lovely Bones is a story about a fourteen year old girl named Susie Salmon who was raped and murdered on her way home from school. She narrates the story while she's in her heaven watching her family and friends go through grief, despair, anger, frustration and yearning for revenge. Susie witnessed them go through all these struggle until they were able to heal, recover, accept and forgive. She narrates the story by mixing the events that happened before she died, so we can get a picture of how their family was when she was still alive. Simultaneously, she keeps a day to day and year to year events moving along so we can see the progress about their family in accepting her death.

Throughout the story, I did not get weepy, instead i felt a strong surge of emotions in every sentence of the novel. However, I admit while I was on the latter part of the story, I got teary-eyed. I sniffed it away quickly before someone saw my tears. Yes, I was reading in public at that time.

There's this one part of the novel that got me. Susie says she still sneaks away to watch her family because she can't help it, and sometimes they still think of her because they can't help it either. I as well find myself at times, thinking about this novel, because I can't help that either. :)

As for the movie, I've already watched it. In my honest opinion, it did not fully capture Alice Sebold's heartbreaking story. The emotions I felt while watching was not as strong as what I've felt while reading the novel. Also, there were some important parts on the novel that was not included in the movie. Nevertheless, Peter Jackson deserves credit for trying to pull it off.

Panagbenga Festival 2012: Baguio one day trip!

Oooppsss, pardon me but this is a very late post! He he

Last February's not only a month full of hearts for me, but also a month full of flowers
Despite my busy days from work, I was able to squeeze into my sched a quick trip to Baguio just in time for the Panagbenga Festival 2012. Hurrah! :) I am so stoked! So on a Friday afternoon right after work, we (me, my mom, sister and 2 aunts) traveled on a bus all the way up to the City of Pines. Luckily, the bus is WiFi ready so we were all busy tweeting and Facebook-ing while on our way! :)

The travel time lasted for 6 hours. We arrived at the area around 11pm. Cold breeze greeted all of us. And because it's the peak season, my mom decided that we head first to the bus terminal to reserve tickets Manila bound the next day. We went to Victory Liner Bus Terminal and this is what I saw:

A wall filled with framed pictures of old Victory Liners buses, gives you a glimpse of how it started.

After buying tickets, we all felt hungry so we went to this casual restaurant called 50's Diner for a quick dinner take-out.

I'm quite impressed by the look of the resto.  50's Diner, from the name itself, gives you the feel of the 1950's. The time of jukebox instead of ipods, or the time of rock and roll instead of pop musics. Its interior design consists of black and white checkered floors; walls and ceilings are white accented by pink neon lights. There are also 50's posters of movies and Hollywood stars on the walls. I loved the vintage vibe of it. :)
After we got our food to go, we went to this house owned by my mom's officemate's aunt, where we will be staying for the night.

The next day, I woke up feeling excited for the Panagbenga Float Parade. :) After getting ready, we went to see the show.

Hundreds or even thousands of both local and foreign visitors were gathered along the street as early as 6am. There are several bands and street dancers dressed in colorful costumes, which represents different schools in Baguio. The road is jampacked with crowd! 

My sister and I saw taho vendors and we decided to give their so-called strawberry taho a try. It tastes yummmeeeehhh! :) 

We then proceed to the Athletic Bowl for the Float Parade. It is my first time to see giant floats towering us adorned artistically and beautifully with big and colorful flowers! Each of them looks lovely. I admire those people who designed and made these floats. Impressive. :)

The parade is also joined by several Kapamilya stars (the cast of Showtime), Kapuso real-life couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, and TV5 stars Tuesday Vargas, Amy Perez, Arnel Ignacio, Geli de Belen and Shalani Soledad.

After the parade, and because we're only staying in Baguio for a day, time should not be wasted! We went to Burnham Park, Mine's View Park, Wright Park, The Mansion and bought pasalubongs in the famous Good Shepherd. :)

What a good one day stay it is! :) I'll definitely be coming back here soooooooon!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DOCKERS Spring/Summer Collection 2012

Throughout the week, men face the everyday stress of going to work and indeed, it could be challenging. From Monday to Sunday, they are engaged with different activities and sometimes, from being manageable it turns tedious. But good news to the real men of action out there!

Dockers 2012 Spring/Summer collection is launched last March 4, 2012 at the Powerplant Mall which offers its newest collection of the popular Alpha Khakis, the dependable Wearever Series and the staple Signature Khakis.

Dockers presents different ways to 'get yourself together' and conquer these challenges by being relaxed & cool, optimistic and organized. And one way to achieve all this is by wearing khakis for men to be equipped and able to overcome a stressful week!

Dockers Alpha Khaki's Spring/Summer look features a refined, simple and comfortable Alpha Khaki that fits any occasion.
 On the other hand, the Wearever Series is the right one for you if you're looking for the smartest pants you can own. Some of the benefits you can get are stain protection, wrinkle free and permanent crease, providing worry free comfort from day 'til night.

The Signature Khakis come in richer twill and has finer weave.

On the said event, Dockers also launched its "Dockers Man of Action Car Raffle Promo" wherein anyone could get a chance to win this amazing BMW 116i right here!

All you have to do is to simply purchase one Alpha Khaki and one regular Dockers item, and that entitles you to one raffle coupon. This promotion will run starting March until May, 2012. The raffle draw and the announcement of the winner will take place on a one of a kind event this coming June.

For more information about Dockers and its products, please visit

Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm more than just a Teacher :)

Hello blog! Sorry for not touching you these past few days... or weeks I mean. I've been too wrapped up with work that I forgot to update you once a week at the very least. Anyway, classes are over, and that means my boring days are officially ON. That also means that I have more time to update you too. Anyway, just for a very quick post, I happen to see this picture posted on my friend's Facebook wall and got so inspired! Although I don't have a degree in Education, I'm still proud to be a shadow teacher :) Kudos to all  the teacher's out there! :)


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