Saturday, March 31, 2012

Panagbenga Festival 2012: Baguio one day trip!

Oooppsss, pardon me but this is a very late post! He he

Last February's not only a month full of hearts for me, but also a month full of flowers
Despite my busy days from work, I was able to squeeze into my sched a quick trip to Baguio just in time for the Panagbenga Festival 2012. Hurrah! :) I am so stoked! So on a Friday afternoon right after work, we (me, my mom, sister and 2 aunts) traveled on a bus all the way up to the City of Pines. Luckily, the bus is WiFi ready so we were all busy tweeting and Facebook-ing while on our way! :)

The travel time lasted for 6 hours. We arrived at the area around 11pm. Cold breeze greeted all of us. And because it's the peak season, my mom decided that we head first to the bus terminal to reserve tickets Manila bound the next day. We went to Victory Liner Bus Terminal and this is what I saw:

A wall filled with framed pictures of old Victory Liners buses, gives you a glimpse of how it started.

After buying tickets, we all felt hungry so we went to this casual restaurant called 50's Diner for a quick dinner take-out.

I'm quite impressed by the look of the resto.  50's Diner, from the name itself, gives you the feel of the 1950's. The time of jukebox instead of ipods, or the time of rock and roll instead of pop musics. Its interior design consists of black and white checkered floors; walls and ceilings are white accented by pink neon lights. There are also 50's posters of movies and Hollywood stars on the walls. I loved the vintage vibe of it. :)
After we got our food to go, we went to this house owned by my mom's officemate's aunt, where we will be staying for the night.

The next day, I woke up feeling excited for the Panagbenga Float Parade. :) After getting ready, we went to see the show.

Hundreds or even thousands of both local and foreign visitors were gathered along the street as early as 6am. There are several bands and street dancers dressed in colorful costumes, which represents different schools in Baguio. The road is jampacked with crowd! 

My sister and I saw taho vendors and we decided to give their so-called strawberry taho a try. It tastes yummmeeeehhh! :) 

We then proceed to the Athletic Bowl for the Float Parade. It is my first time to see giant floats towering us adorned artistically and beautifully with big and colorful flowers! Each of them looks lovely. I admire those people who designed and made these floats. Impressive. :)

The parade is also joined by several Kapamilya stars (the cast of Showtime), Kapuso real-life couple Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, and TV5 stars Tuesday Vargas, Amy Perez, Arnel Ignacio, Geli de Belen and Shalani Soledad.

After the parade, and because we're only staying in Baguio for a day, time should not be wasted! We went to Burnham Park, Mine's View Park, Wright Park, The Mansion and bought pasalubongs in the famous Good Shepherd. :)

What a good one day stay it is! :) I'll definitely be coming back here soooooooon!


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