Saturday, March 31, 2012

SPED Culminating Activity :)

On one fine day of March, while we were having our usual lunch at the school canteen, my workmate, Teacher Andy asked me if I could be the emcee for the Culminating and Awarding ceremony of the Special Education area. Uh-oh. Of course, my initial reaction was "Bakeeeeeeeet akoooooooo??". Teacher Andy's reason was a bit odd and kind of funny for me. She said she chose me because I do blogging. Seriously?! What's that got to do with being a program host? Ha ha. But I know, the real reason was that she has NO OTHER CHOICE. Hay nako Teacher Andy! Ha ha ha. 

At first, I hesitated. I'm not really good with speaking in front of a crowd, big or small, whether with script or none. Standing in front of a lot of people does not give me the slightest comfort. I always feel nervous.

I took time to think about it and soon I realized that this was an event which is very important for the students in Special Education area as well as to their parents. In this event, they will be receiving their medals and certificates after a whole year of patiently going to school in order to learn. And so, I agreed and was paired with Teacher Kevin, my co- shadow teacher. Unfortunately on that day, I have to wear a band-aid on my face. :( Talk about wrong-timing.

Teacher Kevin and me, with the band-aid on my face :( 

The whole ceremony was succesful. I felt happy watching the students perform dance numbers on stage. I felt proud for them when each of their names were called on stage to get their medals and certificates together with their parents. I felt excited when again, each of their names were called as the teacher announces that they have been promoted to a higher level for the next school year. Finally, most of them can now be mixed with students on the preparatory, nursery, elementary or high school level. I felt hopeful for each of these kids, because I know that on that day, they were one step forward to achieving their dreams. And I know, the proudest and happiest of them all were their own loving and very matiyagang parents. I salute them!
The students performing on stage :)
SPED team with the administrators.
Shadow teachers with Sir Ricky.
In addition, I also felt proud (do you notice how I say proud a lot on this post?) to the SPED teachers. Teacher Jen, Teacher Cocoy, Teacher Andy and Teacher Bryan who served not only as teachers/advisers of these students, but also as their second parent on their second home. As I watch them, I see pride and happiness overflowing on their faces. I witnessed how dedicated they are not only with their profession, as well as to these children with special needs. Aside from their own parents, these teachers were the proudest of these children on their special day.  :)

Congratulations to the Special Education students and teachers! :D


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