Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Club Manila East Summer Getaway!

No matter how weird Summer in the Philippines is nowadays, with days of sudden downpour of heavy rains, no one can stop us from spending it on different beaches and swimming pools! Due to the intense heat of the sun, surely all of us would like to pack our bags, put on our sunglasses, and go out-of-town to the nearest beach we could find. Of course, summer getaway would not be complete without our barkada to have fun with, right? :)

Despite being busy with work and the differences in our schedule, my girl friends and I managed to squeeze into our free time a summer outing right in the heart of Taytay, Rizal where an amazing resort is found: Club Manila East! Huzza!! :) It has been raining cats and dogs for the past few days but luckily, the sun shone brightly and beautifully above us on that Sunday. God is so good :)

All of us met at around 9 in the morning and off we go. We took a bus ride (G-Liner) from City Hall. We paid Php 51(1.19USD)  each for the bus fare going to Taytay.  After an hour and a half of travel time, we finally arrived!! Yipeee! :) Then we took a mini jeepney going directly to CME. We paid Php8.50/pax (0.20USD) as the minimum fare.

And again, we couldn't contain our excitement! We felt like being kids again going on a field trip in the middle of summer. Only, it is already the first of April. He he.

The entrance fee costs Php375/pax (8.73USD) and children below 3 feet are FREE. :) There are variety of accommodations for guests such as the Cabana, Huts, Beachview Cabins, Pavilion and Picnic area. Since the huts were already occupied, we took the Beachview Cabin for Php700 (16.30USD).
Beachview Cabin
One drawback, however, is that food and drinks are not allowed inside the premises. But no worries, because there are different food stalls located inside such as Jolibee and Chowking. And since all of us didn't have our breakfast (out of excitement I suppose), we're all famished. We decided to take our lunch in Chowking because it is near the entrance. Only, they don't provide drinks and you have to buy instead on the store beside them selling drinks, which by the way, I didn't like their service. Period.

Moving on, there are lots of different pools inside the resort for kids and kids at heart like us! You could also enjoy different water activities. They have this megapool where guests can go boating/kayaking all afternoon. My friends and I tried it and it was fuuuuuuuuuuunnnnn! My upper arms hurt after paddling though.. He he.

They also have pools with slides. Anyhow, you have to exert effort in order to slide all the way down to the pool because it is not that slippery. They have the zipline for Php150 ( 3.49USD) per ride for those who would like to experience how it feels like to fly, with harness of course. :)

Residents of Manila need not go far to enjoy the thrill of surfing. CME boasts a huge wave pool where you could surf. They also have a separate wave pool just so you could experience beach waves without being exactly at the beach. We tried this one too! Exhausting but hella F-U-N!

And if you were brave enough to dive, they have their 14-feet deep diving pool. You need not worry because there are lifeguards at hand to ensure your safety. My super brave friends tried this one as well. On the other hand, I satisfied my self watching them from below because I don't know how to swim. Poor, poor me :( Nakaka jellyyyyyyyyyyy! Ha ha.

With all the pictures taken and the fun experience that we had, we totally enjoyed our few hours of stay in Club Manila East. This place is a good summer getaway with your family, friends or even with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Happy summer everyone! :)


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