Friday, October 5, 2012

Asian Ghost House at Manila Ocean Park

Since childhood, I've been fond of watching scary or horror movies. It terrifies me to the point that it invades my dreams. I don't know why  but no matter how scared I felt, I still like watching horror films. But it's different when it comes to horror booths or horror houses. I don't have the courage to enter into one. Just thinking of all the ghosts and other scary creatures (even though they're just people in scary costumes) running or coming after you makes all my hairs stand on end. Yikes!!

One afternoon at work I received an invite from Manila Ocean Park that they'll be having a media launch about their newest attraction, the "Asian Ghost House". I didn't feel scared or anything so I decided to go right away. I went with my blogger friend, Josephine Arce who also came from work.

Upon arriving, we weren't expecting the kind of media launch they prepared for us. We will all experience entering the Asian Ghost House. I felt just the teeniest bit of alarm and excitement as well. But as the minutes passed, after witnessing reactions of the people coming out of the ghost house, I admitted a chill run down my spine. I felt like I'm not ready for it. I. AM. SCARED. Too scared that Jo and I were unusually quiet while eating. Even without talking, I know both of us were trying to calm down and convince ourselves that we can do this. Haha

Then it was time to go inside.  Pulse racing like crazy and hearts beating fast, we met along the dark, eerie hallway a deranged lady with her infant child then a long-tongue ghost roaming around the corridors thirsty for blood. Ahhhh!! A Chinese vampire also scared us along with the Cheongsam ghost. Suddenly, you will hear a noise coming from the meat loving butcher. He looks totally scary covered with blood! At every corridor and every turn you will surely get a scary, terrifying surprise!

Photos below were courtesy of Jo Arce-

What a thrilling night that gave us all an adrenaline rush! This is one helluva scary experience so invite your family and friends and experience it your own!

Spend your Halloween at Manila Ocean Park. Asian Ghost House is ready for occupancy starting October 4- all Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays of October 2012. For details please call 567-7777 or visit


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