Monday, June 11, 2012

How Urban Dictionary defined my name

I was browsing through my old posts in Multiply (yes, I still update my Multiply once in a while) one afternoon when I came upon my post about Urban Dictionary. Most of you might be familiar with this site. According to my trusted buddy named Wikipedia
Urban Dictionary is aWeb-based dictionary of slang words and phrases, which contains over 6½ million definitions as of March 2012. Submissions are regulated by volunteer editors and rated by site visitors.
I find this site to be amusing. The definitions were usually hilarious, depending on the word you're searching for. Based on my Multiply post 3 years ago, I searched for the meaning of my whole name... and here it is:

1. The most sexy girl you will ever meet, known to blow the minds of many men. Extremely talented and beautiful, eyes cut from stars.
Sample sentence: The song. "Maria.. I just met a girl named Maria." 
Oh wow, I'm actually SEXYYY! Oh wait, it actually says the MOST sexy. Thank you Urban Dictionary. I love you for this! Hahahaha
2. The Women On Those Mexican Breast Boosting Pill Commercials. Maria Was Once Not Pretty Due To Her Small Breast Size. She Is Currently Every Guys Fantasy After Taking Pill To Boost Her Breasts

Danny: Damn Who Is That?
Ixia: Thats Maria The One You Didn't Like
Danny: But What She Do To Herself
Ixia: She Boosted Her Breast
Danny: WOW!!!
"Maria was once not pretty due to her small breast size" Thank you for the emphasis. HAHA
- A butt face who is a big whore and grinds on guys. She is a backstabbing girl who has boy problems. She thinks she's all that, but she really is an UGLY unkind girl.
Sample sentence: "Ew, look at that czarina! I would NEVER want to be friends with her."
Uh-oh. Whoever made this definition must have an enemy named Czarina. Hehehe

the most beautifulest girl alive
she makes every guys jaw drop
she has many different features to her
1. an amazing body
2. a gorgeous smile
3. eyes of an angels
The man could not take his eyes off of Camille.
Woah. They also forgot to include "perfect height with modelesque stature". That included, it could've been a perfect definition of me................. Just kidding! That is actually me day dreaming. Haha I actually wish these definitions applies to me though. Hehehe
a breakdancer in Dressed 2 Kill crew
  I only dance to the tune of Macarena.
Have you noticed how long my name is? My parents gave me a hard time learning to write my name during nursery/kindergarten days. Haha Now if you are curious on how Urban Dictionary defined your name, try visiting the site and search for yours. Have fun! :)


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