Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cousin's Graduation at NV!

Time indeed flies so fast. Two years ago, I remember wearing my toga and marching along the aisle with my fellow nursing batch mates and going up the stage to claim my diploma. After years of sleepless nights reviewing for major exams, stressful (long) quizzes for almost every subject everyday, agitating return demonstrations, dark circles around your eyes, finally the long wait is over. Graduation day is undoubtedly a memorable day in a student's life.

Just last week, my Aunt from Nueva Vizcaya called inviting us to attend my cousin's graduation! Yayyy! My cousin Raechelle took up BS Nursing too so I'm extra-proud and extra-excited for her. :) Our whole family went to Nueva Vizcaya (which is my mom's hometown) on Thursday evening and after 9 long hours of travel, we finally arrived at around 7 in the morning. Ahhhhhh! Finally a breath of fresh air! I always loved being in the province. It's sooo relaxing! And of course I get to see my cousin's, lola, aunts and uncles again (mother's side).

The next day, Saturday is my cousin's graduation which is very early! The ceremony will start at 7am! Everyone's up and very busy preparing the foods for later's party.


My younger cousins prepared something for her too.... cupcakes and a fail chocolate cake!!

In the afternoon, my now newly-graduate cousin finally arrived and she looked prettywith her hair-do and make up too! :)

Now, for the family picture! :)

What's so good about celebrations in the province is that everyone is welcome to eat! Neighbors popped out everywhere to enjoy the foods prepared, invited or not. :) The celebration went out well. Everyone went home with full bellies! Hehe Happy Graduation, Chelle! :)


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