Monday, December 31, 2012

Year Ender: Highlights of my 2012

Few hours left and we're all ready to welcome 2013! Whew.. that was fast. Parang kelan lang when I started this blog, and then all of a sudden a whole year has passed! Looking back, 2012 has been a great year for me. I may not have practiced my profession (Nursing) but still I was thankful for my job and all the wonderful experiences that came along with it. I felt blessed throughout the year and thankful for all the memories I had. So let me tell a little something about some of the highlights of the year 2012.

Shadow Teaching
With no luck to work at a hospital, I landed on a different line of job. I started working as a shadow teacher (to a child with special needs) late January in one of the schools in Manila. Teaching and caring for a special child is a different and very rewarding experience for me. I learned to appreciate them more and understand them in a way that books can't. They were all extra sweet and loving. But of course, you have to have loads of patience! :) I feel so blessed that I had this opportunity of becoming a teacher, although not by profession, but by heart. :)


I started this blog (previously No Malice In Wonderland) with the encouragement of my friend, Josephine Arce of Wallflower Journeys. Thanks to her! I never knew blogging could be so enjoyable until I made one (and I'm glad I did!). Before, I was just contented with "blog hopping" or reading one blog to another.. and another. But when I created my blog, I was able to practice my writing skills, enhance my ideas, and ofcourse, all the experiences of attending events as well. :)

Attending EVENTS
In line with blogging, I also got to experience attending different events. My friend Josephine tagged me along to the very first event that I attended, the Scandalous Chinese New Year Party. From that event on, she started to tag me along to one event and another. I really, really enjoyed all of it! It was a whole new experience for me. I was able to go to to different places I have never been to before, try out different restaurants, plus the loot bags too! Haha! But mostly, what I love about this was being exposed to different kinds of people. From bloggers, writers, TV personalities and even the members of the elite. It was kind of overwhelming yet fun and exciting at the same time! I even won a new HTC phone from one of the events! Haha :) :)

First Concert!
 Yes! It's only this year where I watched a concert for the very FIRST time! Hahaha It was Nicki Minaj's concert and I was so happy because I really like her and her songs. Plus it's FREE! I watched with my two best college buds Lya and Dhebz. It was hella fun! It was a different experience when you get to watch your fave singer perform live :)

Books and Reading!
 I love love love reading books! I might not be a bookworm but I'm definitely a book lover! This year, I was so happy because I exceeded my 2012 reading Challenge via Goodreads! Hooray! I challenged my self to read 40 books for a span of 365 days and I got a total of 42. :) :) Thanks to my very light sched at work. I'm planning to read moreeee books on 2013. :)

LEE MIN HO Fan Meet!
 Just thinking about that night made me kilig all over!!

New Hair

Finally after years of being in my comfort zone of sporting a straight hair, I eventually got tired of it and braved my way to the salon to get a digital perm. I don't know if it suits me but my hair got a couple lot of compliments thanks to T&J! :)

New Friends
A year wouldn't be complete without making new friends I love these people and I'm glad I'm friends with them :)

I guess that's all for the highlight of my 2012. I noticed that I didn't get to travel much this year. Not only for the lack of time but lack of moolah as well. Haha So I'll keep that as a self reminder to save money for travel next year. :) I'm glad that I have my family with me, gained new friends and kept the old ones as well. I also kept the relationship I have with this guy for two years now.. and counting! Haha I was happy that this year gave me new experiences and memories to treasure.

Hoping for more adventures in 2013! And yes, I'm excited for 2013 becozzz it's my year and my fellow Year of the Snake babies! Woohoo! Are you all ready to welcome the year? :)


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