Saturday, February 16, 2013


Value Care Health Systems Inc. (ValuCare) one the leading HMO in the country and rated within the top 5 among industry players, recently announced at the Astoria Plaza several milestones and proclaimed “ValuCare is the healthcare you can count on”.

ValuCare, established in 1997, has a solid track record in terms of providing affordable and adequate healthcare to its growing plan holders.  Its steady growth over the years has been guided by its vision of providing quality healthcare with compassion.

More recent figures show that ValuCare revenue and operating income continue to trend positively.  It grew its revenue since 2007 by 40% and improved its operating income to 108% over the same period, guaranteeing that is sufficiently funded to cover the needs of its plan holders.

Year-on-year, ValuCare’s revenue grew by an average of 15% over the last five years, and its operating income grew by 26%.  Showing clearly that the company remains financially strong to provide for the needs of its plan holders when it counts the most.

Ms. Rosemarie Yu, EVP and chief operating officer shared, “Through the years, even during the most trying times, ValuCare remains a stable and reliable HMO.   ValuCare continues to grow steadily, improving its services and further enhancing the quality of healthcare it provides”.

She shared that the success of ValuCare can be attributed to its providers, agents and clients, adding further, 
“they have allowed us to continue to grow by continuing to be a part of ValuCare through the years”.

ValuCare indicated that even with its growing number plan holders, the quality of healthcare they provide continues to be significantly better.   The number of affiliated doctors has increased from 9,024 in 2008 to 15,591 in 2012.  The number of affiliated hospitals has also increased from 236 in 2008 to 373 in 2012.  Adding to this list are 400 clinics and 636 dentists that are affiliated with ValuCare as well, and provide the same level of professional service.

Mr. Armando Macalino, senior vice president for Operations shared
 “It clearly shows that even as our plan holders grew in number, so did the number of doctors and hospitals over the same period of time”. He said further, “So we can conclude the that quality of healthcare ValuCare provides our plan holders have improved more significantly, especially in terms of coverage and availability of services”. 
ValuCare also shared service enhancement such as the ValuCare PALS and its Cancer Coverage plan.

The ValuCare PALS, which stands for Personalized Access to Laboratory Services,is a one-of-a kind service that is only available through ValuCare for Metro Manila residents.  It simply allows home service or office service for laboratory tests.

With ValuCare’s First Group Cancer Insurance, a policyholder is insured with benefits that he or she may use in the event of the onset of the disease.  This is another product innovation from ValuCare.  All the benefits as stated in the policy at an affordable cost as part of his or her corporate health benefit.

ValuCare continues to improve on its products and services, to make available quality healthcare to individuals, family, groups and corporate clients.   ValuCare is the healthcare you can count on.

About Value Care Health Systems Inc.

ValuCare is a Managed Care Company belonging to the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) industry.  Established by a select group of medical practitioners, ValuCare’s commitment is to provide its members quality healthcare you can count on through a comprehensive out-patient consultation and hospitalization benefits package accessed via its network of health care providers and facilities.  For more information visit its website at or call its 24-hour service hotline at 0917-7-WECARE.


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