Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to Make My Valentine's Day SPECIAL ♥

February! The so-called "LOVE month". Just a few days away and we'll all be celebrating Valentine's Day. Errr.. okay, I admit not ALL though. He he.
Most of us will surely be looking forward for this month to be filled with hearts once again. By hearts, literally speaking, I mean almost  all of the malls, stores, schools and classrooms will be decorated with cut-out hearts posted on the walls or heart-shaped balloons hanging on the ceilings. Heart-shaped chocolates, cupcakes and cakes are everywhere.

According to Wikipedia:
"Saint Valentine's Day, commonly shortened to Valentine's Day, is a holiday observed on February 14 honoring one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine."
Normally on this day, we give flowers, chocolates, love letter, greeting cards and other sweety-patootie gifts to our special valentine. Love is indeed in the air!

This is what normally people, couples in particular do. But have you asked yourself on how can you make your Valentine's Day extra special?

One thought came to my mind. Why not spend my V-day with my closest friends.. more like a group date! On the last week of January, my closest friends and I planned to celebrate our Valentine's day by having a picnic at Luneta Park.. for a change. Not all of us have boyfriends. We're a mix group of In a relationship, Single, and It's Complicated relationship statuses. He he he. We are planning to bring foods and just chill, relax, hang-out together and have an update of what's going on about each other's lives.At night, we shall watch the Dancing Fountain lights.

Of course, my friends could bring their dates to join us. The more, the merrier!

Simple as it may sound, but what makes it "extra special" is that we get to celebrate Valentines Day not only with our "special someone", but also with friends that we value and are close to our hearts. Whether in a relationship or single, each of us will surely enjoy this special Valentine's day celebration! :) Okay, I'm getting excited already :)

But waiiiiiiiiiit! What gave me this idea to blog about How to make your Valentines Day Special is actually a contest by Mrs. Joy Calipes- Felizardo, owner of GASTRONOMY by Joy.

For more information about the contest and how you could join, click HERE. Here are the prizes that you could win by joining. A sweet treat for the V day. :)

1. A dinner at L'entrecote,  Forbes Town.  AGC that is worth two Menu Geneva, consisting each of House Salad,  the signature L'entrecote Steak with the secret Herb Butter Sauce, unlimited Fries, and the sumptuous dessert Raspberry-Walnut  Vacherin and a glass of wine.   I made  a review about this amazing restaurant and I'm sure you and your dearest will  have a "steak tastic" dinner date here. Related Post:  A  Remarkable Steak Experience and More at  L'entrecote

2. Discount vouchers from Manila Hotel  and a box of pralines worth P480.

3.  Three jars of  Italian  Mild Honey.   One thing to say I Love You in a honey way.  

and lastly..

4.  Two winners will get  two boxes of  Chocolate Bark each (each box is worth P200)

Tempting right? A sweet treat for the Valentines. Join her contest now! :)


Joy Calipes-Felizardo said...

Of course! V-day is not only for couples, well, yeah, according to norms and traditions, but love isn't the smooching or hugging or exchanging gifts with your dearest, it is also the best time to show it to your family and friends. I'm sure you'll find that day truly and magically wonderful!
Thanks for joining my contest!

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