Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello, February!

Yay! January went by too fast that I almost forgot it's already February. January has been a pretty good month for me to start the year. I got me a new job and I'm just so happy!! ^__^  Also, on the first of February I already started with what I call as the "D Project", but I'm not gonna reveal what that is.. for now ;p

I wonder what's in store for me this so-called "Love month?" He he. Well anyway..

Hello February! and hello there you cute little pandabear :">

As for books, my goal for this month is to read at least 2 novels. 

I'm almost done with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, next in line are these 2 novels: The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and Halo( first book) which I borrowed from a friend. I can't wait to start reading them!

I also wanted to start using the jumping rope which I bought almost a month ago. What is wrong with me, really? A month has passed and I haven't used it. Not even once.Maybe I've just been busy with new work and stuff. And just for clarity, I'm not going to use it for playing purposes. I'm going to use it to...... exercise! Hahaha I must have the initiative to start this month, seriously!!!! 

Anyway, sorry for being so random. I'm looking forward to a great February, 2012!



Jhonvie S. Anacleto said...

D PROJECT.. is that as in Diet project? haha!

Camille Salazar said...

Hmmm.. secret! Hahahaha

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