Friday, January 27, 2012

Metropolitan Museum of the Philippines: Exhibit Opening

You probably have walked in the hallways of a museum at least once in your life. It may be a field trip or a class trip during your childhood days, or it may be as recent as this year.It's also possible that you haven't visited one, or at least not yet. But a visit to a museum is always an opportunity to learn about exciting people and cultures.

That is why one of the things I wanted to do this year is to visit museums. I've always been fascinated by painters who have very artistic paintings. My father is an artist too and growing up, I've noticed that each painting he was able to finish was considered as his masterpiece. I love his paintings and I admire him for his works. I can still almost picture his smiles whenever somebody compliments his works. I'm a proud daughter. :)

So when I heard about the opening of an exhibit in Metropolitan Museum of the Philippines yesterday, I didn't think twice to go. 

Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manila exhibits the classical and the contemporary fine arts. The Museum was established in 1976 to showcase foreign art and in 1986 the exhibitions also included Philippine art with a bilingual approach. Every year at the Manila Metropolitan Museum of Art there are four major exhibitions by renowned Filipino and other foreign artists. Source
Here were some of the photographs, paintings and other artworks inside..

The photographs inside this area were taken in the city of Pasay.
Each of the photographs, although it may look simple, has a story behind.


There were also paintings by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, who is one of the great Filipino painters of the 19th century.

The paintings in this area were also amazing, but taking of pictures are prohibited.

The Ambassador of the Philippines to Spain, Mr. Joseph Delano M. Bernardo taking a look at the photographs together with the photographer behind some of the amazing pictures,Artur Nepomuceno.

My favorite were this colorful paintings by Vicky Faye B. Aquino. They're so artistic and colorful that I want to hang them all in our house! Hehe I wonder how old is she? :)

We also went upstairs but again, taking of pictures were prohibited. I enjoyed all of the artworks! :)

Art museums are not just buildings. They are monuments to what man has achieved and what he aspires to achieve. It is a house full artworks from people who has great minds and skills. :)

located at Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Complex, Roxas Boulevard, near Pablo Ocampo Street (formerly Vito Cruz)

Museum Hours 
Mondays to Saturdays: 9AM to 6PM
*cloed on Sundays, holidays and first Mondays of the month

Please visit their website. Click HERE


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