Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scandalous Chinese New Year party!

Last week, I was invited by my friend, Josephine (click here to see her blog) to attend an event called "Scandalous Chinese New Year Party" which will be held in Mango Tree Bistro in Trinoma on January 19, Thursday at 6pm. According to her, the dress code should be "red oriental chic". By the sound of it, what I though was that we should wear something red with a touch of Chinese on our outfit, just in time for the upcoming Chinese New Year on January 23, Monday. So days before the event, we tried to look for a blouse or dress or anything red with a touch of chinese design or embroidery. But unluckily, we couldn't find any with our tight budget (okay, we're self-confessed "kuripot" these past few days. he he) so we decided to stick with whatever red blouse we have in our closets.

I consider this invitation from her as a chance for me to really get into blogging. Before, I'm contented with just blog-hopping, but then I realized, why not create a blog of my own. I just consider this as a hobby and it feels good to type any interesting thing or event that happens to me so that someday, I have something to look back to. :)

The day of the event arrived. Jo and I decided to meet up in Trinoma 3 hours earlier so that we could stroll around the mall first. We met up at 3pm and because it's still early, we went to Landmark to look for some accessories. We liked a few of them and we're even about to buy it but as what I've mentioned earlier, we're being thrifty these past few days so we just placed them back on their respective places, with our sad faces.Ha ha. After that, we went to look for some clothes and even tried out a few. Both of us were not much of skirts or dresses. We prefer wearing pants and a simple blouse. But after trying out a nice top plus a skirt, we realized that we can pull it off. Ha ha ha. Well, I agree on her part, but I'm a bit not sure on mine> Hehehehe. :))

After an hour or two of walking around, we got tired. Not only did I feel tired but thirsty as well so I asked Jo if we could try Happy Lemon since I heard positive feed backs about it but haven't tried it yet. Good thing the line was not too long as compared during weekends. I was supposed to order Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese, since it was recommended by my friend, Ericka but to my dismay, it's not available. I just ordered the Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies and Cream and this is just so yummeeehh! I loved it. :) Good thing Jo found a seat and so we're just chilling and chatting and me feeling happy (I think I should coz I'm drinking HAPPY lemon. he he) because their milk tea tastes heavenly good, when suddenly, a guy ( I mean gay) showed up and started talking to us. He took the seat beside us and started talking in a sort of over-friendly way. Jo and I were just exchanging glances and not looking at his eyes because of how things are these days (Budol budol gand and all). He told us that he's a law student who supports for his studies by selling things and from that he opened his bag and took out what seemed like rosary bracelets with different images of Mama Mary and Jesus. It costs Php100 each. That's pricey. He also showed us his school ID, probably because he noticed that we were hesitant. So we bought one item and shared with the payment. It was  for a good cause and we were able to help him anyway.

Clock ticked to 6PM so we went to the venue. The Mango Tree Bistro which is a Thai restaurant.
It was an elegant looking restaurant. Inside, it was spacious and sophisticated with sleek decor. The interior design was very chic and stylish with use of black colors accented with purple chairs and lamps. I really loved it. It felt like I'm at the Sex and the City's posh bar. :) Indeed, it's a quiet and relaxed place from the busy city life.

Red paper lamps and dragon designs for a touch of Chinese New Year .

Jo and I took our seat on one of the cushioned ones with different colors of pillows. I noticed that there were still few people inside. 
Me and my friend Josephine. :)
Moments later, a waiter approached us and asked for our preferred drinks, a choice between lemon iced tea and lemon grass iced tea. Since I wanted to try something I haven't tasted before, I chose the latter.
Lemon grass iced tea, which tastes like a stork candy made into a drink.

 After a while, a couple also joined us in our table who I've learned the wife is a food and travel blogger. A guy then approached our table and introduced Mr. Stephen Sy, the son of Mr. Johnson Sy. Their family were the ones responsible for this event. He is friendly, professional and actually have lots of kwentos! :) We later learned that he is included on the top 10 professionals here in the Philippines. how awesome is that! His brother and parents were also introduced to us.

Then came what I've long been waiting for........ the FOOD!!! Decent Thai foods were served.
Click for my Mango Tree Bistro review :)

The program started and we had a game. Pens and papers were given to every table where we'll write our answers. Questions will be dictated twice and answers will be written. After each question answers will be raised to see if anyone got it correctly. So to cut it short, all of us enjoyed the game since our group were able to answer most of the questions, but one group got the highest score and they got the price! I wasn't able to see it though, but anyway what's important is we had FUN! :)

The event organizers then approached us and we were told that we have to think of a name for our group for later's game. The people on your table will serve as your group mates. Stephen asked us for suggestions and what came to my mind randomly was "Fierce Dragons" since we're fierce (as we would like to believe. haha) and dragon since it's the year of the water dragon. One of our group mates then modified it to "Fierce Dragonites", how cool is that? So we all agreed to that  as our final group name. 

After that, a speaker discussed about the Rotavirus vaccine for Rotavirus related-diarrhea which will be included in the EPI (Expanded Program on Immunization).

To read more regarding my blog about Rotavirus vaccine click HERE!

It was really informative and helpful for a nurse like me.

The event ended about 9:30pm or so. I was somehow tired yet happy. They even gave us.. I don't know how to call it. Giveaways? PR kits? Hehe It contains Tikoy plus facial products (just what I needed!). I hope I could soon attend an event like this. :)

I later learned that the Sy family weren't a real family. They were simply acting as part of the event. My speculation was that they were friends and were part of an acting group. Hehe I was surprised and amazed because they were really convincing. :)


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