Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Debsi!

This blog post is for my friend, Deborah Kaye Roxas. :D

Today is special for me because... It's Debsi's birthday!!! :D The one friend I know I can't live without :)

Happy birthday Debsi. Thanks for being a very good friend. I consider you like a bestfriend, a sister that's very close to my heart :) Thanks for all the memories we've shared together, from High school until College. Thanks for being there through good and bad times. (but most especially the "kalokohan times!" hahaha) For never leaving my side no matter what :) You're a true friend and I'm glad to have met and be friends with someone as kind-hearted (naks!) as you :) I love you and happy birthday! :)

And because it's not yet payday, consider this as my gift for you! Hope you like it! :) Sorry kung maikli lang, medyo rush kasi kulang na sa time. Haha Love yah!


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