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2011 Year-Ender: late post

Hello everyone! I know this is kinda late. I posted this on my wordpress site because for some unknown reason, I can't access Blogger on our internet at home. I'm currently at the internet cafe while typing this. But still I want to share my 2011 year-ender blah blahs. :)

"Time flies so fast, another great year has passed.."

In a few hours we'll all be saying goodbye to 2011 and welcoming 2012. Yay!  Everyone's excited, including me! But before I head on to helping my mum cook foods for our New Year's eve, I decided to reflect and write on how my year 2011 had been. 

I started my 2011 in Nueva Vizcaya, my mother's hometown, where I worked as a Nurse Trainee in a private hospital from January until March.

Me with my co-trainees :)

At first, I was kind of nervous but happy at the same time because finally, I'll get to practice my profession. On the first few weeks, it became hard for me to adjust because I'm away from my family and friends in Manila. I became homesick. But then I was able to adapt and adjust with the help of my new friends!

Even though I don't have any salary or allowance, it was a very great experience for me and an unforgettable one. Our graduation day came and I thanked my mentors (the hospital staffs and administrators) and also my co-trainees.

PLT trainees graduation day! Finally!

After that, I came back to Manila and applied in several call centers because this time I wanted to earn money. I've been turned down by several companies and was almost losing hope until on my fourth try, I was finally employed by Startek in June. At last! Haha
It was a very good company. The trainers were down-to-earth and the people around were always wearing smiles. I loved my wavemates and gained new friends, again.
But this also need adjustment from me because instead of patients, we're dealing with customers abroad through the phone. I was able to practice and improve speaking in English. I learned how to multi-task wherein while talking to a customer, I should also navigate the tools. I gained confidence. It's a whole new experience and a challenging one, I must say. Unfortunately, I have to leave because of personal matters.

Team Orion!

Activations Wave 27-B
with FST trainer Apple
with PST trainer Laine

August came and I was again employed to another kind of job. It was a pharmaceutical company somewhere in Makati. I worked as a clinician or Medical Promo Representative. We were assigned to a clinic where we give samples of the drug that the doctor prescribed the patients. We also give the patients all the necessary informations about the drug. I totally enjoyed my work because somehow it's in line with my profession, although it's only contractual for 3 months.

with two of my closest friends, Kath and Angel :)

with Angel and Monica

L-R: our boss, Ms. Daisy, me, Christian and Ever

Before my contract ends, I was promoted to a higher position and was offered to be trained for  weeks as a Territory Sales Manager. I was hesitant at first because I have other plans after my 3-month contract. I accepted it but after almost 2 weeks, I decided to quit the training and just pursue my career being a nurse. I have no regrets ith my decision. I'm greatful for that experience and thankul to have made new friends again.
with my co-trainee, Ever.

2011 have been a roller coaster ride for me specially in terms of my career. Problems come and go. I experienced different kind of jobs. I didn't regret any of them because I learned a lot of different other things and gained new friends and experiences along the way. I was able to explore my self and think about what I really want in life. So I kind of want to name my 2011 as an experimental year for me. He he. 
For the year 2012, which is only a few hours away, I wanted to make things right. I wanted to have a clear plan for my self.
Thank you 2011 for being a year full of challenges and realizations! And most of all, thank you Lord for another great year! Let's all look forward to 2012 with a smile on our faces. :)

Let's welcome 2012 with a..
happy new YEAR
happy new DAYS
happy new DESIRES
happy new CHANCES and..
happy new YOU  

Cheers everyone! :)


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