Friday, January 20, 2012

Quick Trip to National Museum!

After applying for our second target job somewhere in Paco in Manila last Tuesday (January 17), my friend Josephine (click here to visit her blog) and I have nowhere to go. Ha ha. Since it's still very early ( around 10am I think) I decided to tag her along in my parent's office, the National Museum of the Philippines just so we could have a place to relax. To my surprise, she told me that one of her interests were museums. I took her to a quick trip into the gallery where the famous Spoliarium (original) is. I don't have my camera with me and neither does she so I just used my phone's camera. Let me share with you some of the pictures that I took.

The Spoliaruim is the most valuable oil-on-canvas painting by Juan Luna. (Source)
Me standing in front of the huge Spoliarium
The famous Spoliarium upclose

After that we went to the other building where most of the exhibits and collections are. We didn't pay for the entrance since my parents were employees, we just left our bags and took with us only our valuable belongings. Taking pictures were allowed as long as you don't use the flash. Jo's really excited, while I on the other hand is not that much because I've been here a couple of times since I was a kid. Let's take a sneak-peek of what's inside :)

And then there's this amazing wall made of shells.

And of course, for the finale is my favorite picture in the museum. :)

 The battery of my phone was drained so I wasn't able to took pictures of the other galleries that we entered. But all of the rooms were really amazing and historical indeed! Along with us were some students having their field trip, which made me remember my childhood days in this museum. :) Jo and I talked about plans on visiting other museums in the coming months. Hopefully we would visit other amazing museums too :)

Here are some of the guidelines for museum tours.
Guidelines for Museum Tours

1. All guests are required to sign in the visitor’s logbook before viewing the exhibits.

2. Group tours shall be booked before hand. Only groups reserved at the Museum Education Division shall be entertained. Group tours are not allowed on Sundays.

3. Drop off point for groups is outside the NM gate along P. Burgos Avenue and Finance Road. Bags, food, and hand-carried items should be left inside the bus.

4. Buses should park outside the Museum of the Filipino People.

5. Head of the group/coordinator shall first pay the entrance fees and fill up the visitor’s logbook before the group is allowed to begin the tour.

6. Firearms, food, bottled water, and ballpens are not allowed inside galleries.

7. Smoking is prohibited in the NM premises.

8. Touching artworks and taking photos of exhibit items for commercial purposes inside galleries are strictly prohibited unless otherwise authorized through a special permit from the Director’s Office/ Museum Education Division. Picture taking is allowed for souvenir purposes only. DSLR cameras need special permit. The use of flash photography is strictly prohibited.

9. For other concerns not specified herein, please inquire at the Museum Education Division.

VISIT them!
National Museum is located at: P. Burgos Drive, Rizal Park, Manila
They are open from Tuesdays- Sundays, 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Contact number: 527-0278 

*I'm not really sure with the entrance fee though, but my mom told me that the entrance fee for adults is Php100 :) 

It's More fun In The Philippines.. indeed!

Ciao! :)



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