Friday, February 10, 2012

Miss Saigon: A Musicale adaptation

Last Tuesday, my friend Josephine was invited by her friend, Franzly Lacoma, to watch a major production entitled "Miss Saigon: A Musicale adaptation" presented by the University of Santo Tomas- MEDIARTRIX. Being the good friend that she is, Jo also invited me.

If someone would ask me what knowledge do I have of the famous play Miss Saigon, all I could say is.. Lea Salonga, then scratch my head afterwards. Clueless? Yes. Honestly, that's all I know. Period.

Lea Salonga is a Filipina mezzo-soprano singer, actress, and is well-known for originating the lead role of Kim in the musical Miss Saigon. If you would like to know more about her, click THIS.

Miss Saigon shares the emotional story of an American GI and his love affair with a Vietnamese woman in a world torn apart by war. For a brief rundown about the story, click THIS.

The opera is very inspiring. It is one of the stage shows that can be enjoyed as you sit back and let the music and melodrama wash over you.
The girl who played as Kim (Oops! I wasn't able to get the names of the actors. Sorry. :p), has superbly powerful voice. She has the biggest challenge because of the character she portrays, plus the increasing trauma she went through as the story progresses. In my own opinion, she sounds like Leah Salonga. I love her voice and acting skills.

The guy who played as Chris also has a very fine voice. I admire a man who sings really well, and he is no exception. :)
Both the lead actors got me very "kilig" and at the same time left me sighing and teary-eyed. All the other performers were equally good and portrayed their own roles very well. Plus admirable vocals!
Although there were some casualties along the play, overall, it is musically and visually stunning. The cast were amazing in their own respective roles. :)

This play is exceptional, you wouldn't want to miss. Two thumbs up for the UST Mediartrix for one great production! Till next time! :)


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