Wednesday, May 2, 2012

AQUA in the City!

It's past 6pm in the evening on the 28th of April. I am wearing my sexiest two-piece bikini while seated on a bench and sipping my favorite martini. Stretched out in front of me is a large pool with fountains and laser lights on the background changing color as if dancing to the beat of the music. Yes, I am listening to the pulsating beats of house music and club DJ. And oh, I spotted a jacuzzi. On one side, there's a buffet with appetizing foods laid on top of a long table. A stage is located at the center where a fashion show is being held. Later in the evening, different bands were about to perform. Hmmm.. I'm really feeling chic and posh tonight.......... in the middle of an evening summer pool party with my classy friends somewhere in Beverly Hills, California.

Heyyyy.. you think that was all part of my imagination??!! Heck to the NO! Uh, well...... FINE. Sort of. What you read is true except that I'm not wearing a two-piece bikini (how i wish), and I'm not with my classy friends in Beverly Hills. Scratch that.

Actually, I've been on a very awesomeee AQUA Pool Party last April 28 in Manila Ocean Park!. Yayyyyyyyyyy!! The place is crowded with members of the media, bloggers and invited guests to join the biggest pool party!!! Please excuse me for overusing the exclamation mark (!!) but I guess that shows you how excited this fella right here is about this. :)

Before the pool party started, we watched the AQUA Musical Fountain Show which is really AH-MAH-ZIIIIING! I loved eeeeeeetttt! :)

Now back to the pool party. Imagine the scorching heat of the sun? I know. It's unbearable. So a dip (or dive) into the pool is what we all need. Inside Manila Ocean Park's Acquatica  is an oasis called  LIQUID Pool and Lounge where you could spend fun and fabulous nights with friends! The place looks really elegant and perfect for youth who loves to party :) Wait, lemme give you a glimpse of what it looks like inside. :)

See? It looks classy! :)

Along the bay area, guests where everywhere! Tables and chairs were set and a buffet with mouth-watering foods were prepared. Yes, mouth-watering talaga dahil hindi nakatakas ang lechon sa mata ko! Hahahaha! Located at the center is a stage where a fashion show is currently going on. Later in the evening, different bands will be performing such as Silent Sanctuary, Tanya Markova, Moonstar 88 and more. Everyone is having a blast! :) I'm having a blast too.... mainly with the food! Haha! I'm so stuffed I could barely get my ass off of the chair and swiiiiim! After taking a couple of snap shots, we then changed into our swim wears and tried the jacuzzi first, then the large pool at the bay area. :) I'm actually feeling swanky that night. Hah! :)

On that same night, the latest technology to make Manila Ocean Park the first high-tech theme park in the country is introduced. Here's my blog post about that: Manila Ocean Park: a tech savvy marine theme park

 I was so happy and thankful to my blogger friend Jo (her blog HERE) for tagging me on this unique and very joyous event. Not only for the fun but also for the opportunity to personally meet a couple of amazing bloggers. I don't know, but I don't really like to tag my self as a blogger as early as now, however I was glad to have met wonderful people in activities like this :)

You can visit Liquid's Facebook page here: Liquid Pool and Lounge or Manila Ocean Park's website and official Facebook Page Manila Ocean Park (Official)


iaadamlim said...

I love to bring balikbayan friends to watch the Manila Ocean Park Lights and Fountain Show. Then I bring them at the souvenir shop to get stuff toys which are actually in the show too. It's a really fun experience.

Camille Salazar said...

Yes it really is super fun! I might bring my relatives from the province to MOP next time they visit in Manila, since there are a lot of new attractions there now :)

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