Thursday, May 17, 2012

I scream for Sebastian's Ice Cream! :)

I'm the kind of person who prefers to eat spicy and salty foods instead of sweets. I do like sweets. But if you were to place in front of me a bowl of sliced hilaw na mangga (green mangoes) with bagoong and a box of ferrero rocher then make me choose, there's no doubt i'll choose the first one! Lalo na kung may sili! Haha!

But there is one exception to this: ICE CREAMS. Since I was a kid, I've always loved eating ice cream. One reason is that it's easy to eat with it's smooth and soft texture. I enjoy savoring it's sweet and simple flavors, especially on a sunny day. I love any ice cream flavor but some of my favorites were Pistachio, Vanilla, Rocky Road and Cookies&Cream. 

Just yesterday, my best friend Joanne and I decided to try this ice cream stall located at The Block, SM North Edsa (4th floor) called Sebastian's

What's so cool about them is that they offer unique ice cream flavorsss! Their best selling flavors include Sapin- Sapin, Champorado, Mangga't Suman, Once in a Blue Moon (Blue CheeseIce Cream), Banana Bonanza (banana ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate and walnuts), Mango Sans Rival and a lot moreeeeeeeee! NKKLK!! Haha! I love how their flavors are very Filipino. :)

Joanne and I ordered one scoop of Champorado flavor. Once I tasted it, ang sarap mag cartwheel sa saraaaaaaaaap! Hahahaha! Yun lang hindi ako marunong mag cartwheel, so napa smile nalang ako ng bongga. It really tastes so, soooooooo GOOD! Lasang champorado talaga! Haveyyy! :) And one more thing that we liked about it was that it has tidbits of rice, so para ka talagang kumakain ng champorado. For me, it tastes more like a champorado with ice cream rather than an ice cream with champorado ingredients.

It's also a lot different from all the regular ice creams. It's thicker, fuller and tastier. Only, it's a bit pricey because they sell at 100php/scoop. But for me you get what you pay for because one scoop is enough to satisfy us. It tastes insanely good. :)

My bestfriend and I will definitely be back to try more flavors! Our next target: Sapin- sapin! :)

For more information, visit their Facebook page Sebastian's Ice Cream and follow them on Twitter @iloveSEBASTIANS.


Ers said...


pareho tayo. I prefer salty and spicy and exemption ko din ay Ice cream.



Camille Salazar said...

Yes! It's my comfort food :)

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