Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bookbed's Thank You Giveaway!

Last year, I stumbled upon this online store on Facebook which sells books called Bookbed. The description from their Facebook page goes like this:
My books overflow from my shelves onto my night side tableand my bed. This is my way to make space... and share my love for reading! So come, bed my books! Let's read 'till we fall in love and asleep.

Around November of 2011, I ordered 7 books from them and have them shipped to my place! I must say, each of the seven books I bought were all worth-reading. Two of them were even included to my list of favorite books! Last December, I was very lucky to win a book giveaway from them. Yayyy! The book is Messenger by Lois Lowry.

 It was also in Bookbed where I bought the book I've long been wanting to have, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. So far, all of the books I bought from them were really good reads. :)

Here's some good news!

In the name of 500 likes on Facebook and the upcoming Mother’s Day, bookbed is giving away two books each to five bookbed mates! Here are ways on how to join:

Like bookbed on Facebook! (+1 point)
Follow @bookbedph on Twitter! (+1 point)
Share this post on your blog and tweet the link to @bookbedph or post it on the Facebook page! (+2 points)
Tweet about the giveaway! Example: “@bookbedph is giving away 2 books each to five lucky bookbed mates!” (Be sure your account is on public view.) (+1 point/tweet)
Share this post on your Facebook profile. (Again, make sure the post is made public!) (+2 points/share)

Winners, three of which to be picked via and two to be chosen by the number of points accumulated, will be announced on the blog on May 13th. They will have to confirm their slots via email within 48 hours and shoulder the shipping fees. In case a winner fails to confirm, another entry will be chosen. Good luck!


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